Geum rivale - Water Avens - (Rosaceae)

Closeup picture of Water Avens

Water AvensWater Avens are flowers of damp, shady places, and they are often found beside streams and at the edges of hedge-lined fields bordered by ditches. This is a member of the rose family. The plants usually reaches a height of 50 to 80 cm, and the flowers are typically 1.5 cm in diameter.

The flowers, which bloom from April until September, are usually at their best in June. The seeds of Water Avens are burr-like, and they are distributed after being caught in the coats of rabbits and other furry animals.

Strangely, this woodland plant can be found growing on the rocky ledges found in Snowdonia in North Wales provided they are in shade.

The plant is also common throughout many European countries and we found large numbers of them in the river valleys and meadows of the Triglav National Park in Slovenia.

The pictures on this page were taken in The Burren, County Clare, Ireland.