Primula farinosa - Bird's-eye Primrose - (Primulaceae)

This pretty, pink member of the Primrose family occurs in the northern part of the UK. It is localised and becoming increasingly rare due to the destruction of its habitat.

This lovely spring flower is more common in the countries of northern and central Europe, including Slovenia where they have Common Primrose and Oxlip, too.

Bird's-eye Primrose

Primula farinosa photographed in Lancashire in the UK

Bird's-eye Primrose is a perennial plant that grows in damp, relatively short grassland with calcareous substrate. Its name refers to the yellow 'eye' which appears in the centre of each of the flowers. It flowers in June and July which is much later than some other members of the Primrose family, such as Primula veris and Primula vulgaris, which are among the earliest wildflowers to bloom in the spring.

The specimens on this page where photographed at Gait Barrows National Nature Reserve in Lancashire in mid-June.