Brassicaceae (Cruciferae) Gallery - wildflowers of the Cabbage family

The Cabbage ior Mustard family of plants, Brassicaceae, formerly better known as the Cruciferae, comprises more tha 300 genera containing nearly 4000 plant species. The flowers have four petals, usually white, yellow, or mauve, four sepals, and four long stamens plus two more short stamens. The ovary has two chambers, and seeds are produced in pods that often have a sticky coating. The name Brassicaceae comes from the classical Latin name for a cabbage. These thumbnail pictures have links to larger photographs and information about each of the species, their habitat needs and an identification guide.

Aethionema saxatile, Burnt Candytuft
Alliaria petiolata, Jack-by-the-Hedge
Aubrieta deltoidea, Aubrieta
Oenanthe lachenalii
Cardamine pratensis, Cuckooflower
Cochlearia officinalis, Common Scurvy-grass

We have used the scientific names to identify species in this table, but if you prefer to use common names we have also listed all species covered on the First Nature website in alphabetical order of Common Names...

There is also the option to see all species listed in order of Scientific Names or Botanical Families or Dominant Colour.

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Scientific Names

Common Names

Crambe maritima Sea-kale
Erysimum cheiri Wallflower
Lepidium heterophyllum Smith's Pepperwort
Malcolmia flexuosa Malcolmia flexuosa
Malcolmia littorea Malcolmia littorea
Matthiola sinuata Sea Stock
Matthiola tricuspidata Three-horned Stock
Nasturtium officinale Water-cress

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