Llyn Eiddwen National Nature Reserve Nr. Aberystwyth, Southwest Wales

Llyn Eiddwen Llyn Eiddwen in early springtime

Designations: SSSI

In an area with many lakes and ponds, Llyn Eiddwen is much more significant in terms of its wildlife than others in the area. It is the type of natural lake that is described as being 'oligotrophic-mesotrophic' which is a scientific term relating to the amount of nutrients found in the water. In the case of Llyn Eiddwen low levels of nutrients indicate that the water is purer than that of other lakes in the area, which are enriched or polluted by agricultural run-off, and this in turn, means that Llyn Eiddwen is able to support a number of very rare plants that could not survive in most other lakes.

This NNR is owned and managed by the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales.


Grid Ref: SN 607674

Llyn Eiddwen is not easy to find, and getting to it involves travelling along some very narrow lanes, but it is in a beautiful area and well worth the effort.