The Accommodation in Barbados - and some good places to eat

Sugar 1
Sugar 1 on Sugar Hill Estate in St. James

Throughout our visit we stayed at Sugar 1 which is one of the luxurious houses on the Sugar Hill Estate situated about a five minute drive from Holetown in the Parish of St. James.

Sugar Hill is one of the most prestigious resorts in Barbados, and its superb facilities, proximity to the restaurants and shops in Holetown, and easy access to the best beaches on the West Coast makes it the perfect location for a holiday on the island.

The house has three air-conditioned double bedroom suites each having its own bathroom, and private balcony from which you can enjoy an early-morning cup of tea, or watch the magnificent sunset over an evening cocktail.

In additon there is a fully equipped kitchen, spacious dining room and sitting room.Outside there is a beautifully appointed terrace doubling the size of the downstairs accommodation which, in turn leads down to a sun terrace complete with a jacuzzi plunge pool and sun loungers.

Sugar Hill is a mature development set in lush tropical gardens which are alive with birdsong and beautiful butterflies. The ocean views are spectacular.

The resort has a fully equipped clubhouse with a large infinity pool looking towards the ocean, a gym and a restaurant which serves light lunches and evening meals.

The Pool at Sugar Hill
The pool, Sugar Hill Clubhouse

Holetown is a vibrant community with a full range of shops, including a good supermarket. There are numerous cafes and bars where you can enjoy breakfast or lunch, and some really excellent restaurants.

Some good places to eat

Writing a bad review for a restaurant in Barbados means first finding a bad restaurant! Maybe we were lucky but we didn't have a single unsatisfactory meal during our entire stay. Two restaurants in Holetown that stand out, and are at opposite ends of the cost scale, are Just Grillin' and the Beach House Bar and Restaurant. Just Grillin' is a casual diner-type restaurant that serves excellent platters of Carribean-style food such as Jerk Chicken, Grilled Shrimp or Catch of the Day and really great hamburgers. For around Bajan $60 (£20) per head you can have a really good meal with wine or beer.

The Beach House Bar and Restaurant has a fabulous oceanside setting and serves food of the highest standard both in terms of quality and presentation. A three-course meal for two with a 'modest' bottle of wine costs about Bajan $300 (£100). Many London restaurants would be pushed to serve something of a similar quality for the same price. Wine is expensive in Barbados but you have to remember that it is all imported from America or Europe - along with almost everything else you can think of!

The lush gardens at Sugar Hill
The lush tropical gardens at Sugar Hill

If you like Italian food Spago's in Holetown is also an excellent choice, and they also have another restaurant in one of the close-by resorts. It falls roughly midway between the other two in price terms and serves the best pizzas we have ever eaten anywhere!

For a special treat take a day out on the east coast for a walk around the lovely Andromeda Botanic Gardens, either before or after lunch at the Atlantis Hotel in Bathsheba. The dining room must be one of the most beautiful in the world and consists of a large balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The food at this hotel, which is one of the first to have been built in Barbados, is also top class. It is echoed in their other restaurant on the west coast, Fishpot.

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