Corvus corax - Raven

Phylum: Chordata - Class: Aves - Order: Passeriformes - Family: Corvidae

Corvus corax, Raven

Largest member of the crow family, the raven is quite common in West Wales. There its throaty croak echoes up and down the valleys.

Ravens can also produce lots of other sounds, including a popping noise like that of a cork being removed from a bottle. In captivity they have been known to imitate the human voice.

The rock-ledge nest site chosen by this raven is typical of the species. The nest is made from sticks, and lined with grass and sheep's wool. In wooded valleys and more lowland areas they will also nest in large trees.

Rarely seen in large flocks, as for example are the highly sociable rooks, ravens are more often encountered in pairs. They are completely black, with heavy beaks and long, wedge-shaped tails.

Although carrion and small mammals are their staple diet, ravens will also eat eggs, worms and even fruit and grains.


Pictures shown on this page were kindly contributed by Melvin Grey.

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