Sitta europaea - Nuthatch

Phylum: Chordata - Class: Aves - Order: Passeriformes - Family: Sittidae

European Nuthatch

Nuthatches can hardly be mistaken for any other species of bird. They live in woodland but will visit gardens, especially where there is a mature oak or beech tree. They run up and down tree trunks in short bursts, and they can often be heard cracking nuts, which they wedge within bark fissures.

Nuthatch, CCW picture

Nuthatches are aggressive birds. When they come to the bird feeder the other garden birds keep well clear. They roost in holes in trees, using similar habitat to the tits.

Nuthatch collecting food from beneathe a bird feeder


This page includes pictures kindly contributed by the Countryside Council for Wales and Ray Tipper.

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