Wild Orchids in The Burren

by Sue Parker

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Ebook edition, published March 2024, only £3.95.

in The Burren, by Sue Parker

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"A beautifully illustrated clear, concise and reader-friendly guide to identifying the wild orchids and finding the best orchid sites in Ireland's internationally-famous limestone pavement wildflower paradise."

Book Details

A beautifully illustrated guide to wild orchids, ecology, habitats and blooming times plus a detailed map and information about the most prolific wild orchid locations in The Burren, Ireland's world-famous limestone pavement landscape, in County Clare.

This updated and enlarged second edition is illustrated with 1000 large colour photographs of plants in their natural Burren habitsts; close-up photos of an individual flower of each orchid species, with flower size guides, orchid flowering season information, plus 'where to look' advice.

Written by author and broadcaster Sue Parker FLS, this comprehensive guide to the wild orchids of The Burren is based on more than 25 years of research and photography of wild orchids in Ireland, and in particular The Burren.

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Reviewer comments:

‘"The Burren is a wonderful place, and at last someone has produced a book that does justice to the amazing orchids that grow in this remarkable landscape. Clear map, super pictures, and clear, concise explanatory text. Just the job!"

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About the author

Sue Parker, author of the best selling Wild Orchids of Wales, how, when and where to find them, and Wild Orchids in the Algarve, how, when and where to find them, is a frequent contributor to countryside magazines, radio and TV programmes and has been photographing wild orchids for more than 30 years. Sue has published twelve books.

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