Narcissus poeticus

Phylum: Magnoliophyta - Class: Equisetopsida - Order: Asparagales - Family: Amaryllidaceae

Narcissus poeticus, France

One of the most attractive of the many Narcissus species fround in Europe, Narcissus poeticus is a popular spring flower of cultivation; its common names include Pheasant's-eye Daffodil and Poet's Narcissus.


This pretty flower, which can grow to a height of 40cm, has a red-fringed corona typically 3mm in length and is quite powerfully fragrant. The leaves, which are usually almost as long as the flower stems and sometimes even slightly longer, appear at the same time as the flowers.

Narcissus poeticus, Aveyron region of southern France


This lovely wildflower grows in damp alpine and sub-alpine meadows and sometimes on damp woodland edges and in woodland glades.

Narcissus poeticus, southern France


Narcissus poeticus occurs in some of the Mediterranean countries including Spain and Italy but is also fairly common in southern France - we saw the colony pictured below in a woodland glade in the Aveyron region.

Narcissus poeticus, southern France

Flowering times

Depending on altitude and exposure, the Poet's Narcissus can usually be seen in bloom from early April until late June.

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