Phlomis cretica - Cretan phlomis

Phylum: Magnoliophyta - Class: Equisetopsida - Order: Lamiales - Family: Lamiaceae

Phlomis cretica

Of the three species of phlomis that occur in Crete, Jerusalem Sage (Phlomis fruticosa) is the rarest, and although similar in appearance to Phlomis cretica, Phlomis fruticosa is a much larger shrub. Phlomis lanata, the other phlomis found in Crete, has much more rounded leaves than Phlomis cretica which can also be found in southern Greece. (Phlomis lanata is endemic to Crete.)

The plants, or shrubs, of Phlomis cretica grow to around 50cm in height

This wildflower grows in the habitat referred to in Greece as 'phrygana', a dry and stony habitat referred to as garrigue in other parts of the Mediterranean. It is a member of the Lamiaceae (mint) family of plants and it flowers from March to May.

The plants shown on this page were photographed in Crete at the beginning of April.

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