Polygonatum multiflorum - Common Solomon's-seal  - Liliaceae

Common Solomon's-seal

Becoming increasingly scarce, Common Solomon's-seal is locally common only in the southern half of England and Wales, and is also found in northeast of Ireland.

Common Solomon's-seal grows on the edge of woodland or in light open woodland positions, and prefers calcareous soils.

It is a taller plant than its less-common close relative, Angular Solomon's-seal (Polygonatum odoratum), and grows to around 60cm in height.

The flowers are whitish-green and tubular and are quite distinctly constricted or 'waisted' part way down. Once the flowers have died back they are followed by blue-to -black berries.

It flowers from May to June. We have photgraphed this plant in Wales, and also in the Gargano Peninsula in Italy.