Spanish Brown Argus - Aricia cramera

Phylum: Arthropoda - Class: Insecta - Order: Lepidoptera - Family: Lycaenidae

Spanish Blue Argus

Also known as Southern Brown Argus,the male and female Spanish Brown Argus are very similar and have a typical wingspan of 28mm. In the past this butterfly was treated as merely a subspecies of the Brown Argus Aricia agestis, and some authorities still consider it so.

Spanish Brown Argus Butterfly - Aricia agestis, southern Portugal


Not found in Britain, the Spanish Brown Argus occurs in The Canary Islands, Spain and Portugal, northern Africa and some of the Balearic Islands.


The larval foodplants include Common Rock-rose Helianthemum nummularium, Spotted Rock-rose Tuberaria guttata and various other members of the family Cistaceae.


This page includes pictures kindly contributed by Rob Petley-Jones.

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