Semioscopis steinkellneriana

Phylum: Arthropoda - Class: Insecta - Order: Lepidoptera - Family: Oecophoridae

Semioscopis steinkellneriana

This common moth is widespread and found in woodlands, gardens and roadside verges where there are good mixed hedgerows.

Semioscopis steinkellneriana is small buff-coloured moth with darker markings on its wings, which also have an irridescent white tinge if seen in daylight.

The wingspan of Semioscopis steinkellneriana is around 22 mm.

The adult moths fly very early in the mornings and are on the wing during April.


Semioscopis steinkellneriana is common and widespread throughout the UK and Ireland.


The larval foodplants of this moth are Blackthorn and Hawthorne..

Picture: Rob Petley-Jones

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