Fungus Quiz - Test your Fungus Identification Knowledge

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Q1. Amanita rubescens is...

Mushroom 1

Deadly poisonous
Edible when cooked

Q2. The scientific name for a Cep is...

Mushroom 2

Boletus badius
Boletus edulis
Leccinum scabrum

Q3. Lactarius deterrimus habitat is...

Mushroom 3

Beneath spruce trees
In open meadows
Only under oak trees

Q4. Laetiporus sulphureus has...

Mushroom 4

Tubes with round pores
Decurrent gills
A smooth fertile underside

Q5. This fungus is commonly called...

Mushroom 5

Orange Peel Fungus
Scarlet Elfcup
Red Bulgar

Q6. Stinkhorn spores are dispersed by...

Mushroom 6

Being washed away by rain
Blowing on the wind
Being carried away by flies

Q7. Earthballs can be found attached to...

Mushroom 7

Pseudoboletus parasiticus
Nyctalis parasitica
Nyctalis asterophora

Q8. Cantharellus fungi are...

Mushroom 8

Found mainly in early spring
Mycorrhizal with elm trees
Rarely infested by worms

Q 9. Most Cortinarius fungi have...

Mushroom 9

Rusty brown spores
Persistent stem rings
Pink or grey gills

Q 10. The gills shown below are...



The correct answers are:

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