Myriophyllum spicatum - Spiked Water-milfoil

Phylum: Magnoliophyta - Class: Liliopsida - Order: Saxifragales - Family: Haloragaceae

Spiked Water-milfoil

Above: Spiked Water-milfoil. Picture by Donald Hobem/Wikipedia

There are several species of water milfoil in the rivers and streams of Britain, but Spiked Water-milfoil is a native species while many others have been introduced. Like Ranunculus, the milfoils are rooted plants and can thrive in fast flowing water; they are not normally found in ponds, lakes or canals. The two most common species to be found in the UK and Ireland are Alternate Water-milfoil, Myrophyllum alterniflorum, and Spiked Water-milfoil, Myrophyllum spicatum.

The Spiked Water-milfoil shown here was photographed in Denmark.

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