Caryophyllaceae Gallery - the Pink family

The pink family includes the various campions, catchflies and chickweeds. Characteristics of this family of flowers are the opposite leaves, usually untoothed, and flower stalks that in most instances are repeatedly forked. These thumbnail pictures have links to larger photographs and information about each of the species, their habitat needs and an identification guide.

We have used the scientific names to identify species in this table, but if you prefer to use common names we have also listed all species covered on the First Nature website in alphabetical order of Common Names...

There is also the option to see all species listed in order of Scientific Names or Botanical Families or Dominant Colour.

Other members of the Caryophyllaceae (Pink) family on this website include:

Dianthus deltoides Maiden Pink
Minuartia obtusiloba Alpine Sandwort
Silene acaulis Moss Campion
Silene colorata Pink Catchfly
Silene gallica Small-flowered Catchfly
Silene vulgaris Bladder Campion
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